In My Little Bubble

by Soulitaire

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„I’m a straight, white, male, middle class kid“
„In My Little Bubble“ is a statement, a confession. „I feel that as a
straight white man coming from a middle class family in one of the
world’s wealthiest countries I’m extremely privileged. There’s many
struggles I will never have to go through just because of my skin
colour, my gender and sexual orientation - simply because I was
lucky enough to be born that way.“ But is it just showing gratitude
for being born into a safe life in one of the world’s richest countries
or is there also a hint of criticism? Guess you have to decide that for
yourself – a space left open by the music, a groove quietly sparking the imagination, finally condensed to a gospel-like conclusion.

The song marks the beginning of a new release cycle in 2019, with an album to be expected in the fall. It’s going to be the first new material since 2016’s debut album „I Believe In Rainbows“, which got positive reviews and airplay across europe – most notably from the BBC. In his Radio 6 show, Tom Robinson remarked the fact that Soulitaire had overcome the common singer-songwriter clichés - a path that’s being further explored in his new music.

While the original idea was to produce all sounds live with just acoustic guitar and vocals - including bass and drumsounds - Soulitaire has now widened his sonic horizon by subtly adding drum samples and bass guitar to better get his own blend of Indie Folk with R’n’B grooves across. All embedded in a sonic environment composed of vocal sounds and reverb.


I'm a straight, white, male middle class kid
from a fully functional family
with a wife, two kids and a VW car
got a house with a mortgage and a beautiful garden

in my little bubble life is quiet, safe and calm
never any trouble, never hazard or alarm
But when I take a peek into the current outside world
I need to hide out for a week, need consolation from my girl

I can freely chose where to pray, who to love
There’s no threat to my life or to my family
I never needed to run, leave nothing behind
I’m assured that my daughters can arrange their own lives

I am only lucky that my life is safe and calm
never any trouble, never hazard or alarm
even if there's days I hesitate to leave my bed
I know nothing 'bout a hard life got a giant safety net


released February 1, 2019
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Martin Rotheneder
Mastered by Martin Scheer
Cover Foto by Christoph Haiderer
Cover Artwork by Martin Rotheneder


all rights reserved



Soulitaire Saint Pölten, Austria

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