I Believe In Rainbows

by Soulitaire

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Say yes once and for all: progress is hope.
See the connection on the vertex between miserable and great.
Love the bad times so the good can follow.
Responsibility is a hard nut to crack, but cracked it has to be.
Communication without language: learn to filter your voices.
Fall and you will be good.
First of all hug yourself.
The vulnerability of silence the moment every weight falls off your shoulders.

On march 7th 2015 I sat in a room backstage with too much time on my hands and an old crappy guitar with the words "this machine kills" engraved in it leaning against a large pile of memorabilia. Its neck held four rusty strings and a broken fret that made it impossible to get any decent guitar sounds out of it. "Challenge accepted" might have crossed my mind as I started fooling around in search of something musical. I found an old battery on the desk next to me, put it in my left hand and tried it out as a slide. And I had no clue how much impact the following 30 minutes would have on me.

Everything in life comes in waves. One thing has to die and make place for a new world to open its doors. Some things come and go really quickly, others take long to see the light of day, live to their highest potential and finally fade away again. Being on the crest of such a wave, the end may already be in sight. Maybe you even get a glimpse of what is waiting for you beyond its decline, while always knowing that you have to go all the way, patiently, because taking a shortcut would only prolong the journey even further.

My wave crest was mid 2011 and for one or two short moments I could feel what would lie ahead of me. But I also instinctively felt that I had to walk full distance before I'd be ready for the next chapter to unfold. When the end was finally near, everything became a little too blurry to distinguish the old from the new. For months I had this giant knot in my head, nearly driving me crazy. Questions my gut already knew the answers to while my thoughts were blocking all communication to my heart. Until I was sitting there with this old guitar and a battery as a slide. But why now? Because this old guitar forced me to think differently to my usual behaviour and thus helped me change perspective to finally see clearly.

At the end of this night I walked home listening to the first iPhone-recording of "In Between This Noise" through a partly broken headphone I found somewhere backstage. In the hours before I could finally fall asleep I saw most of what later became "Soulitaire" rushing through my head while turning from side to side in my bed. I was in love all over again, ready to catch my next wave.

Since I knew this guitar wouldn't carry me any further than this one song, I started experimenting with new sounds and tunings on my regular acoustic guitars. The songs "Embrace" and "Let Loose" introduced two elements that were to become the main ingreditents to the sound of Soulitaire: An open tuning (CGCEGE), a little distortion and reverb mixed with the natural sound of my acoustic guitar plus a right-hand technique that enabled me to play guitar, drums and bass at the same time.


"Just when you think you've heard the whole singer-songwriter thing - it's become a little bit of a cliché, and there are no more surprises in store - along comes one man and one guitar and sounds like this"

"...with clear, suppliantly beautiful vocals, accompanied by a guitar, that's being strummed, plucked, drummed...magical" (Radio FM4)


released November 4, 2016

All you hear is acoustic guitar, a DOD distortion pedal, a Fender guitar amp with reverb, vocals and mouth trumpet. All instrumental parts were played live without overdubs. No electronics. No loops.

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Martin Rotheneder
Mastering by Martin Scheer
Cover foto and artwork by Martin Rotheneder
Seedy typography for "Soulitaire" by Elisabeth Marek (rapunze.at)


all rights reserved



Soulitaire Saint Pölten, Austria

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Track Name: Everytime
suddenly it’s all right here before me
a whole place already stuffed with animals
they're fighting for a rabbit right before me
it’s really not a pretty scene to watch

But I can’t look away

but against all odds I’m the middle
that’s exactly where I want to be
join this heavy fight right in the middle
I hesitated first but now I’m in

And I can’t walk away

Cos I'm gonna be in for love
there’s room enough
for everyone to stay

I’m only in for love
bring room for love
for me and everyone

I’ve tried to stay away for quite some time now
I told myself it didn’t matter much to me
but living in denial for some time now
didn’t make me happy all the way

Cos I'm gonna be in for love
there’s room enough
for everyone to stay

I’m only in for love
bring room for love
for me and everyone
Track Name: New Breed
I see beautiful people
and yellow roses, too
here a girl there a boy falling in each other’s arms
think this could be me and you
they make me laugh

I sit down on a bench nearby
overhear some of their talks
all their warmth and wit make me feel a little guilty
leaving me untaught
I’m about to get up
feeling positively struck

Out of all darkness
projected on us
come shining so brightly
deliberate with trust

a new breed of people
bringing some hope
to all of us fearful
struggling to cope

They look over to me
say will you stay with us
I apologise for all my preconceived notions
say they’re leaving me impressed
they burst out laughing
pat me on the back
tell me not to worry
I know what we lack
Track Name: One Of Many Parts
how about doing something crazy today
maybe the opposite of what you have already planned
walk right but left and take this one other way
you've always wanted to be travelling to foreign lands

how about making love not war everyday
it sounds cliche but as the world seems to get out of hand
I really think it is essential to say
that there’s this indiscernible, indestructible, infinite dimensional band

I believe in rainbows
in every single color
let’s all believe in rainbows
the only path to follow

for we’re all just one of many parts

why don't you think of something heartfelt to say
maybe "I love you" or "I’m sorry" satisfies your demand
forgiveness surely works in every way
’cause there’s this indiscernible, indestructible, infinite dimensional band
Track Name: When Elements Collide
when elements collide
all the chaos is creation
emotions swing and slide
up and down in this equation

what childrens hands chop down
is rebuilt a minute later
will never earn a frown
credit all to the creator

when all wounds are mended
the grief is gone
the end seems not the worst to come

it’s the hanging in
an infinite loop
waiting for someone to cut you loose

a peek from high above
onto promising new grounds
is mostly not enough
to abandon all your fear and take the leap

into the crack that opened up
when you fell back upon your trust
the very second as you realized you must
to move along but to back up

now that your heart knows what’s there

when all wounds are mended
the fear is gone
the end is yet the best to come

it’s to soar in the air
no bitterness
just sure enough you’ve got a lot to lose
Track Name: Start A Movement
on a daily basis I am hiding out
rather stay in places safe than going out
but I’m well aware that this is not enough
not enough to safe the world from fear of love

when I hear of people standing up I’m proud
proud to share with all my friends and shout it out
but I’m well aware that this is not enough
not enough to change the world from fear to love

love for another
love oneself
love for the people
who merely act just for themselves

love for the bad times
love for the lows
love for the river
no matter how wild it will flow

Quite surprising how it works to shut all out
all that’s inconveniently getting loud
but I’m starting to believe that it’s enough now
just enough to start a movement towards love
Track Name: No
still the water's clear and running
but the sun will dry it out
just as long as we are squandering
this most precious gift we got

not far from here it started smelling
just a bit but it gets worse
if there's noone brave enough to
make a difference, not just curse

You'll find me standing by the water
each day the same, I cannot move
I’m too involved now with my daughter
Just on my own, got my own groove

but only standing on the sidelines
is not enough to change the world
although we tend to ask for guidelines
I am afraid we know the word

to me a hero of our time
is someone who is brave enough to
defy the fact that she or he
may well be asked to chose yes over no
Track Name: You Speak To Me
you speak to me
without a word I know
you learn from me
I learn as much from you

you make me be
the man I didn’t know
you let me see
the world as if it’s new

you make me laugh
you make me sigh
you force my heart to open branches
to process all of your smiles

you play with me
build castles made of sand
you stay with me
beyond those days we band

you make me laugh
you make me sigh
you force my heart to open branches
to process all of your smiles
Track Name: In Between This Noise
Not mad I know
but still I feel a lot
like losing my mind

You said it all
but once seems not enough
not even from you

in between this noise
all this real confusing noise
is a voice that says it all
oh so calm and soft to hear

but in between this noise
all this deafening noise
it is hard to keep the focus
real hard not to disappear

Not bad, I know
but also not enough
not even close

it hurts to see
but easy will not come
without some pain
Track Name: I Follow You To Everywhere
I follow you to everywhere
with every single sense
no questions asked to everywhere
these days so mad and tense

I didn't see it all at first
the caravanserai
it seemed to me like home at first
but now i see the sky

open and promising
with thunderstorm and rain
so infinite and promising
some days are only pain

but as i look into the sun
my eyes get used to be
so deadly blinded by the sun
theres nothing left to see

but light in every corner of
the world and of your soul
the light is in each corner of
the world and our soul
Track Name: Embrace
And then you share with me your wishes and desires
And I get furious and mad out of the blue
And even though you are the one I so admire
I can't control the fear and harm that it may do

I can't find out where all this fear and angst may come from
I cannot see beyond my shady inner ways
But what I know is that this isn't where I come from
I'm set to seek the light not only in my days

I know that I have to embrace
the 19 year old boy in me
But I can’t help but slap his face
So things will never change indeed

It's not that I won't share your wishes and desires
Sometimes I secretly allow myself to dream
But all these dreams are buried deeply in a mire
of insecurities that sometimes turn out mean

I know that I have to embrace
the 19 year old boy in me
But I can’t help but slap his face
So things will never change indeed

I know that I have to embrace
the stately man i grew to be

Someday we’ll live all of our wishes and desires
It may take time with me I ask you to forbear
Track Name: All Of My
All of my known obsessions
waiting in line for me
not to resist

Since I am not into posessions
Fill in the blank for what is
left to exist

It’s never been intoxicating
simply because I like to
stay in control

I am a master debating
whether or not this is the
right way to go

But then I tend to forget

that all of my thinking
is keeping me numb
my thoughts got my attention
under their thumb

my ship might be sinking
if I don't look ahead
in the end the now may seem not all that bad

Of all of my known professions
it seemed the most obvious
path I could take

But the fear of a great recession
made me sail round the best
mistake I could make

I was a master inflating
constant avoidance so it looked
like the truth

But playing was more liberating
than anything else
since the days of my youth
Track Name: Let Loose
Think of a river wide
Sail the ship as far as you decide

You will laugh and cry
feed the river with the tears you cry

Think of a mountain high
Meet the world with open arms

You will want to fly
close your eyes and feel the wind lift you up real high

Let loose

And if a valley low
blocks your view to see the light

the many tears you cry
cleanse your eyes to see the river wide

All you have to do

is let loose

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